Upcoming posts: to include sci fi stories I’ve read

First: Thanks very much to those of you who follow and/or like the initial posts.

Upcoming posts will include sci fi stories I’ve read [or currently reading].
I’m planning to write a brief synopsis of the story, and about some key aspects of the stories that interested me. And as I’ve done in a couple of my initial posts, the write up may be more about a poem, or a painting or photo that sparked my interest in a particular story.

Three resources that provide more than enough(!) choices of writers to read, short stories, novellas, novels:
1. Lists of awards– Locust, Hugo, & Nebula.

2.  Anthologies: stories by past & new writers, and to find references to past stories by the writers.
Some favorite editors & anthologies:
Gardner Dozois; editor; : “The Year’s Best Science Fiction”
Robert Silverberg, editor : “The Science Fiction Hall of Fame”.
Robert Silverberg, editor: “Far Horizons”.
Ursula K. Le Guinn & Brian Attebery, editors: The Norton Book of Science Fiction. 1993.
Ellen Datlow, Editor: Vanishing Effects– A Sf anthology. 2000.
MegaPack books– various editors and writers.

3.  WordPress blogs:  a great diversity of sci fi blogs!

Initial posts:
Orson Scott Card: “Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus” 1996.
Robert Charles Wilson: “Darwinia” [1998]
Ursula K. Le Guinn [from “Seawatch” cycle of stories]

Down the road, stories by :
Philip K. Dick
A. C. Clarke
Joe Haldeman
Dan Simpson
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Ted Chiang
Nancy Kessler
R. A. Lafferty
Terry Bison
Steve Baxter
Currently reading: Tony Rothman: “Firebird”