update: posts to come

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the Update:
Very likely, a continued focus on sci fi, poetry, and excerpts from writings about nature.
A mix of novels, novellas, short stories; some are re-reads, others are on “to read” list; and some are on the “track down to read again!” list. Great reading — all of it!
Planning to post (sequence will probably be different….):

Kristine Kathryn Rusch:
“Diving into the Wreck” 2009 (novel)
“The Spires of Denon” 2009

Nancy Kress: “Probability Space”  2002.
“Trinity and other stories” 1985; “Laws of Survival” 2007.

Greg Bear: “Hegira” 1987.

Dan Simmons: “Hyperion” 1989.

Ted Chiang: “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate” 2007.

Chris Roberson : “The Sky is Large and the Earth is Small” 2007.

from Brian Aldiss, Editor: “Galactic Empires — Vol. 1 (1976)
Vol. II (1978):
R.A. Lafferty: Been A Long, Long Time; 1969

Joe Haldeman : “The Accidental Time Machine” 2007

Damian Broderick: “This Wind Blowing, and This Tide” (2009)

Michael F. Flynn: “Melodies of the Heart” .

Terry Bison: “Bears Discover Fire”; “The Hole in the Hole”.

A. C. Clarke ; “Rendezvous with Rama” 1973.

Steven Baxter: “Manifold” stories

Ian McDonald: The Dervish House; River of Gods.

Jay Lake

Alastair Reynolds

and …..