Robert Silverberg, editor: “Legends II” (c) 2004; and “Far Horizons” (c) 1999.

Robert Silverberg is a very well known American writer and editor. He has written many science fiction and fantasy stories, with great  imagination and versatililty. He is a multiple winner of Hugo, Nebula and Locus awards. In 1999 he was named to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame and in 2004 was designated as a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.

Silverberg has edited or co-edited more than 60 anthologies. There are two anthologies that I’ve enjoyed reading, and that broadened my own reading in the sci fi and fantasy genre as a whole:

Robert Silverberg, editor: “Legends II: New Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy” (c) 2004; and “Far Horizons” (c) 1999.

These are anthologies of short novels by sci fi and fantasy authors.
Each short novel was written specifically for the anthologies. The short novels are set in the same milieu as the fictional world created by each of the sci fi and fantasy authors, for their particular series.
Each author provides a brief introduction to their story — often involving a deeper insight into the themes or characters of the orginal series.

This is a list of the authors and titles of their series, and the title of the short novel in the anthology.

“Legends II: New Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy” (c) 2004

Introduction — Robert Silverberg

Robin Hobb: Realm of the Elderlings

George R. R. Martin : A Song of Ice and Fire
The Sworn Sword

Orson Scott Card: The Tales of Alvin Maker
The Yazoo Queen

Diana Gabaldon: Outlander
Lord John and the Succubus

Robert Silverberg: Majipoor
The Book of Changes

Tad Williams: Otherland
The Happiest Dead Boy in the World

Anne McCaffrey: Pern
Beyond Between

Raymond E. Feist: The Riftwar
The Messenger

Elizabeth Hadon: The Symphony of Ages

Neil Gaiman: American Gods
The Monarch of the Glen

Terry Brooks: Shannara

“Far Horizons” (c) 1999

Introduction by Robert Silverberg

Ursula K. Le Guinn — The Ekumen
Old Music and the Slave Women

Orson Scott Card — The Ender Series
Investment Counselor

Joe Haldeman — The Forever War
A Separate War

David Brin — The Uplift Universe

Robert Silverberg — Roma Eterna
Getting to know the dragon

Dan Simmons — The Hyperion Cantos
Orphans of the Helix

Nancy Kress — The Sleepless
Sleeping Dogs

Frederik Pohl — Tales of The Heechee
The Boy who would Live Forever

Gregory Benford — The Galactic Center
A Hunger for the Infinite

Greg Bear — The Way
The Way of All Ghosts — A myth from Thistledown.

Anne McCaffrey — The Ship Who Sang
The Ship Who Returned


— planning to continue  to read  sci fi & fantasy stories —