Update: reading continues; blogging – fewer postings.

Thank you to all who follow/like/visit my blog site.

I’ve enjoyed very much posting summaries of the SF & Fantasy novels I’m reading. It has given my readings a more organized approach — which was my goal when I started the blog. I’ll be posting less frequently, and it’s likely the postings  will be random — my apologies. 

The postings will be more diverse — still continue to focus on SF & Fantasy, but there are novels in the historical fiction/ fictitious history/ historical fantasy genres, that I’ve read or plan to read.

For now: Novels that I’m reading/re-reading or plan to read:

Kim Stanley Robinson “The Years of  Rice and Salt” © 2002.
(KSR — of the RBG Mars Trilogy fame).
Alternate history: What if the Black Death of the 14th century had destroyed most of Europe’s population?
In “The Years of Rice and Salt” China and India dominate world history.

Iain M. Banks: “Look to Windward” (Culture #7) © 2000.
Iain Banks (1954 – 2013 ) was a Scottish SF writer. “The Culture” novels are set in a fictional world of interstellar civilizations, peopled by humans, humanoids, aliens, and very intelligent sentient AIs. The Culture is the most powerful and advanced of these civilizations.

“Look to Windward” is a novel of the consequences of political struggles, a civil war, of loss and mourning, and of suicide; a philosophical SF novel in many ways.

Ekaterina Sedia: “The Alchemy Of Stone” © 2008.
A SF steampunk novel about Mattie, an intelligent automaton skilled in alchemy; a story of the Alchemists, the Mechanics, and gargoyles.

Helene Wecker: “The Golem and the Jinni” © 2013.
Historical fantasy: A fascinating novel that brings together Yiddish and Middle Eastern literature, historical fiction, and fable.
The story, set in NY in 1899, of the friendship of Chava, a golem (from Poland), and Ahmad, a jinni (from Syria), and how they learn to live their lives, among humans, and in a place and a time very different from their own origins.


More novels to read….

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