Sci fi & Fantasy reading update

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Currently reading/ planning to read:

Theodora Goss: “The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter” (c) 2017 (nominated for the Nebula Award 2017).

The lives of four women, and unsolved murders, are at the heart of this fictional mystery set in the Victorian Age. Goss draws on horror and sci fi classics for the fictional characters in the story: Mary Jekyll, Diana Hyde, Catherine Moreau, Justine Frankenstein, and Beatrice Rappacini.


Charles Stross: “Singularity Sky” (c) 2003. (nominated for the Hugo Award).

Space opera: faster-than-light travel. Advanced AI civilization, “The Festival” visits Rochard’s World, a colony of the repressive New Republic. The result is anarchy and rebellion. A spy and an engineer track the New Republic’s plans to strike back at the Festival.


Ann Leckie: “Ancillary Justice” (c) 2013 (The novel won multiple awards: the Hugo, Nebula Arthur C. Clarke and the BSFA Award).

Space opera: the Radch empire. Quest for justice for the destruction of a Radch starship, the “Justice of Toren”. Mindships.


Neal Stephenson: “Quicksilver” (c) 2003 (won the Arthur C. Clarke Award).

Historical fiction. Three books: “Quicksilver”; “King of the Vagabonds”; and “Odalisque”.
Various narrative styles including epistolary.
Set in England, France, and the United Provinces from 1655 through 1673.


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