Martha Wells: “All Systems Red” (c) 2017.

 “All Systems Red”  by Martha Wells , is  a Sci Fi novella; first in a series called “The Murderbot Diaries”.

The story is in the first person, told by “Murderbot”.

“Murderbot” is a SecUnit, a security cyborg, part machine and part human. SecUnits are supplied by the Company to protect planetary scientific expeditions.

“Murderbot” is the SecUnit for the Preservation survey team on an alien planet. It has become an autonomous self-aware SecUnit after it hacks its own governor module. It dubbed itself “Murderbot” after it once malfunctioned and murdered 57 people.

What Murderbot now really wants is to be left alone. However, when the lives of the Preservation team members are endangered, the bot acts decisively to protect and save their lives.

The Preservation scientific team is led by Dr. Mensah. After Murderbot saves the life of a team member who is attacked by a megafauna, the expedition discovers that information about such fauna has been deleted from the Company’s survey packet, and sections of their maps are missing.

The situation escalates to a deadly level, when the Preservation team loses contact with the DeltFall survey team. Murderbot goes with Mensah to the DeltFall habitat, and discovers the Deltfall team has been murdered.

Murderbot comes up with a plan that helps Dr. Mensah and her team to track down a third survey group, GrayCris, that has made significant findings on the planet, that could be highly profitable….


“All Systems Red” won the 2018 Hugo Award and Nebula Award for Best Novella; the Alex Award; and the Locus Award.