Kameron Hurley: “The Stars Are Legion” (c) 2017.

Kameron Hurley: “The Stars Are Legion” (c) 2017.

A very imaginative, fascinating, thought-provoking space opera: A novel about two women, Zan and Jayd, who have a plan to revive the war-torn and dying world-ships that make up the Legion.

The rulers and the people of the Legion are all women. The world-ships are made up of organic matter, and all living matter is ultimately recycled to sustain the worlds and their people. All the women are capable of pregnancy, but only some of the women bear children. Others may carry living things that are recycled into the world. The women who bear children are critical to the survival and rebuilding of the Legion. Some of the women are able to transfer their wombs to others, increasing the number of children born.

The world-ships Katazyrna and Bhavaja are at war with each other. When the world-ship Mokshi somehow escapes from the Core of the Legion to its Outer Rim, Katazyrna’s armies attack Mokshi repeatedly. The war between Katazyrna and Bhavaja accelerates as Bhavaja also aims to conquer Mokshi.

Zan and Jayd are from different world-ships, both are warriors and commanders of armies. But Zan has lost her memory and at the beginning of the story, Zan finds herself on Katazyrna, Jayd’s world

Jayd is determined to rebuild the Legion, and to do that she deceives and betrays Zan. She marries Rasida, Lord of Bhavaja, to bear children.

Zan’s journey on Katazyrna is of her struggles to survive, to make her way from the darkest depths of Katazyrna back up to the upper levels, and to regain her memory. She meets and is helped by three other women on this journey, Das Muni, Casamir, and Arankadash.

When Zan meets Jayd again, she knows Jayd has deceived and betrayed her. They cannot be together again as they once were.

Zan’s powers and skills are in reviving and healing.  She is the Lord of the world-ship Mokshi, and she decides to leave the Legion, and to take Mokshi deeper into space where the “stars are legion”, perhaps find other worlds.