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Reading: ongoing;
blogging: likely to continue in a rather random fashion.


From my recent reads: 2 novels

Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland: “The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.” © 2017

A very enjoyable novel! Richly imagined, fantastical web of sci fi, magic, history and romance.
The novel is intricate, complex, and rapidly turns into an exciting and exhilarating thriller:

The novel is set in the near future with Cambridge, Mass. as the base of operations for D.O.D.O., the Department of Diachronic Operations. Its goal is time travel to the past, in multiple alternate realities and reshape history in small subtle ways, without causing Diachronic Shear, or a major tear in the space-time fabric.

DODO specialists Melisande Stokes, Tristan Lyons, and Dr. Frank Oda work together to navigate past and present using the ODEC, a time machine based on quantum mechanics. Working with them is a network of witches and magic.


Another immensely enjoyable novel:
Margaret Atwood: “The Blind Assassin” © 2007
(first published in 2000, it was awarded the Man Booker Prize in 2000).

This is a complex and intricate novel, a novel within a novel within a novel, written with Atwood’s excellent prose, richly detailed with exquisite narration.

The narrator, Iris Chase Griffen, is writing her biography.
The story is set near and in Toronto. Told in flashbacks, the novel covers the period from ~ 1900s through the 1990s, drawing on the people, places, and events of those times (historical fiction).

At the heart of the novel “Blind Assassin” is the life story of  two sisters, Iris and Laura Chase. Within the biographical thread, there is an embedded novel, also titled “Blind Assassin”, of two illicit lovers. The lovers create a sci fi story, of the planet Zycron and its blind assassins. The sci fi tale becomes a novel within the story of the lovers.

In the biographical thread, Iris Chase has the novel of the two illicit lovers and their sci fi tale published in 1947 as “The Blind Assassin.” At the time it is met with public disapproval.  Some decades later the novel resurfaces as a neglected masterpiece.


Currently reading:
“The Fifth Season” — a  fantasy novel by N. K. Jemisin (c) 2015.
Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2016.
First volume in “The Broken Earth” series; followed by “The Obelisk Gate” and “The Stone Sky.”

Planning to read:
Margaret Atwood: “The Year of the Flood”; 2009; book 2 of the sci fi trilogy “MaddAddam”. [Book 1: Oryx and Crake (2003); book 3: “MaddAddam”, 2013].

Peter Watts “Blindsight”; 2010. (Firefall Series, Book 1)