Reading and blog content update.

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Keep Well. Stay Safe. Keep Blogging.

Time to rethink and reorganize my reading.

Will continue to blog, although intermittently (sorry).

Continuing to read various genres: sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction; and novels that combine those genres.

Recent readings: completed:

Finished reading Margaret Atwood’s “MaddAddam” Trilogy!
Fascinating epic speculative fiction of a pre- and post-pandemic Earth. From the perspectives of different characters. Including the richly imagined humanoids Children of Crake.
Excellent exquisite prose; and “hymns of God’s Gardeners” .

MaddAddam Trilogy:
Oryx and Crake, Book 1; 2004
The Year of the Flood; Book 2; 2009
MaddAddam; Book 3; 2013. Atwood includes summaries of books 1 and 2.


Nnedi Okorafor: “Who Fears Death?” 2010; 2011.

2011 World Fantasy Award.
Fantastic and richly imagined speculative fiction; magical realism set in post-apocalyptic Africa. West African folklore and mythology.

Onyesonwu is a young Ewu woman and sorceress. She begins a journey from the Okeke lands to the Seven Rivers kingdom, to the land of the Nurus.

Her mother Najeeb is an Okeke, her biological father, Daib, a powerful, cruel, and tyrannical Nuru sorceror.
Her journey is a quest to understand herself.
Onyesonwu means “Who Fears Death?” Her destiny: the sorceress who will destroy the Nurus; and end the suffering of the Okekes.


Current reading: historical fiction; mystery; thriller.

S.J. Parris: “Heresy”; Book 1 of Giordano Bruno Series.


Planning –from List of Books to read:

Justin Cronin The Passage; 2010.
The Passage Series, Book 1; sci-fi & fantasy; suspense; horror.


Leigh Richards & Laurie R. King: Califia’s Daughters; 2004; sci-fi; mythology.


Colson Whitehead:
The Underground Railroad; 2016
The Intuitionist; 2013.
Historical fiction; Black American fiction.