From my reading: (1) Colson Whitehead: “The Underground Railroad” (c) 2016; (2) S.J. Parris: “Heresy” Giordano Bruno Series (c) 2010.

Two fascinating historical fiction novels:
(1) Colson Whitehead: “The Underground Railroad” (c) 2016.

(2) S.J. Parris: “Heresy” Giordano Bruno Series (c) 2010. Book 1.

Colson Whitehead: “The Underground Railroad” (c) 2016.
Black American historical fiction:
Gripping and powerful historical fiction of slaves escaping to freedom:
the story of Cora and Caesar, two slaves in the 19th century, who escape from Georgia on the Underground Railroad.
In the novel, the Underground Railroad is a real underground tunnel with tracks, trains, and drivers, for slaves escaping to freedom.

2016 National Book Award
2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
The Arthur C. Clarke Award
& longlisted for the 2017 Man Booker Prize.

S.J. Parris: “Heresy” Giordano Bruno Series (c) 2010.

Mystery & thriller historical fiction.
The novel is set in England in 1583.

In the novel: In 1576 Giordano Bruno escapes from Italy and the Inquisition, for his beliefs of an infinite universe with many suns and stars. Pursued by the Inquisition, he becomes an itinerant teacher at universities across Europe. In 1583 King Henri of France sends Bruno to England.

Taken into the secret service of Queen Elizabeth, Bruno’s assignment is to track down Catholics at Oxford Unversity, suspected of plotting against the Queen and England.

Bruno is at Lincoln College for a debate. Very shortly after his arrival, he becomes involved in an investigation of a series of murders of known Catholics at Oxford University. Is the killer using Bruno to uncover a secret network of Catholics at Oxford?