Naomi Novik: “Uprooted” (c) 2015.

Naomi Novik: “Uprooted” (c) 2015.

Naomi Novik’s fantasy novel “Uprooted” draws on the Polish fairy tales from her childhood days; as well as East European & Polish culture & mythology.

The name of the principal character, Agnieszka, comes from one of Novik’s favorite Polish fairy tales, Agnieszka Skrawek Neiba ( Agnieszka “Piece of the Sky”).

“Uprooted” won the 2015 Nebula Award for Best Novel, the 2016 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel, the 2016 Mythopoeic Award; and was nominated for the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Novel.

A spellbinding fantasy, richly imagined and complex characters, including the Wood!

Agnieszka is a young girl growing up in the village of Dvernik in the kingdom of Polnya, near the Wood, a magical, poisonous, and deadly forest.

Sarkan is a powerful immortal wizard, known as the Dragon, living in a tower in the local valley. He protects the local valley from the Wood.

When Agnieszka is 17, Sarkan chooses her to live at the tower for 10 ten years. She is puzzled but soon discovers from Sarkan that she has magical powers. She uses her magical powers differently from Sarkan but the two eventually learn to use their powers together.

The Wood’s ferocious, malevolent and deadly power over the villages, and between two rival kingdoms, Polnya and Rosya, is known to have existed for a long time. It seems to have the ability to think, plan, and poison people’s hearts.

Agnieszka and Sarkan search for the source of the Wood’s power, to destroy it.