All the best for the days ahead. Notes re: my current & recent reading from Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Literary fiction.

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Continuing to read but I’m afraid the blogging is lagging, and my “to-read” list is expanding faster than I can read!

Reading — Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Literary fiction.
Spellbinding; richly imagined; complex characters; terrific novels!

Currently reading: Genevieve Cogman’s “The Invisible Library” (c) 2016. Sci fi & fantasy.

  • Completed readings:
  • Charles Stross: “The Atrocity Archives — Laundry Files Series, Book 1” (c) 2004. And book 6: “The Annihilation Score” (c) 2015. Sci fi & Fantasy.
  • Emily St. John Mandel’s “Station Eleven” (c) 2014; post-pandemic and apocalyptic novel with embedded sci fi novel “Station Eleven.”
  • Erin Morgenstern”s “The Starless Sea” (c) 2019. Literary fiction: an epic novel, of a vast subterranean library, in the Harbor on the shores of the Starless Sea. Stories within stories. A young man’s quest to understand himself and his story.

Notes about some of the novels:

Genevieve Cogman’s “The Invisible Library” ; (c) 2016. Invisible Library Series, Book 1.
Sci Fi & Fantasy about librarians, rare books; secret societies; alternate worlds, the paranormal, and weird technology.

Contemporary world: The Library is a shadowy organization that collects important or unique works of fiction from alternative worlds and stores them for posterity.
Irene is a bibliophile, has magical powers, and is a professional spy for the Library. Her assignments are to alternate worlds, of magic, vampires, supernatural creatures, and Fae, creatures capable of magic & chaos.

Sci Fi and Fantasy: Charles Stross: “The Laundry Files Series”
“The Atrocity Archives” (c) 2004. Book 1.
And “The Annihilation Score” (c) (2015). Book 6.

Lovecraftian horrors; the occult; magic, combining math with technology to summon alien entities from other universes; and to open wormholes in space-time.

The Laundry is a super-secret British intelligence agency, based in London, protecting the world from occult threats.

Bob Howard, a computer expert, is a spy for the Laundry. He is sent to Santa Cruz, California, to find Scottish professor Dominique “Mo” O’Brien. Her work in the area of philosophy, music, and quantum theory is about using music in the occult. That attracts the attention of the Laundry, the Black Chamber, which is the US equivalent of the Laundry; and of terrorists!

“The Annihilation Score” (c) (2015).
After her rescue from an alien entity, Dominique O’Brien or Mo also joins the Laundry as a spy. She and Bob Howard marry. Mo is a gifted violinist and the Laundry gives her an occult violin, Lecter, which can drive humans mad and destroy demons. Unfortunately, the violin attempts to kill Bob, and the couple must separate. Mo’s assignment is to investigate the sudden surge of people with supernatural skills. Her team includes two superintelligent Laundry operatives: Mhari Murphy,(a vampire after a viral infection) and Ramona Random (from the Blue Hades project and changing into a mermaid!). The violin is a character in its own right!