Urban Fantasy Anthology: P. N. Elrod (ed.): “Dark and Stormy Knights” (c) 2010.

Rich with imagination and well-crafted urban fantasy stories about the paranormal:
Supernatural knights; vampires; shapeshifters; magic.
Twisty stories & unexpected endings.

Nine authors

Ilona Andrews; Jim Butcher; Shannon K. Butcher; Rachel Caine
P.N. Elrod; Deidre Knight; Vicki Pettersson; Lilith Saintcrow; Carrie Vaughn.

Summary of selected stories

Rachel Caine: “Even a Rabbit will Bite”

Lisel von Haffenburg-Martin has been a Dragonslayer for the last 742 years. A dragonslayer must have a quickness of mind and body. She is old, tired, and cranky. She lives in retirement in Phoenix.

There’s only one dragon, Karathrax, left in the world. He is a shapeshifter, clever, and extremely dangerous. And he is old, tired, and cranky. He has retired to a warm Egyptian desert.

Lisel is assigned to train a new Dragonslayer, a young woman, Ellen Cameron (chosen by the Pope!).

Shannon K Butcher: “The Beacon”

Ryder Ward inherits the ability to locate Beacons, humans that attract evil occult monsters, the Terraphages. He has killed 17 Beacons, all of them men.

He tracks a Beacon to a coffee shop in a small Minnesota town. The coffee shop’s owner, Jordan has a young daughter Anne.

And Anne is the Beacon for the Terraphages!
Ryder will have to kill the Terraphage.

Carrie Vaughn: “God’s Creatures”

Cormac is a hunter, like his father, and grandfather. He has the ability to track the undead and nonhuman.

A rancher contacts Cormac to track down the savage killer of his cattle.

Cormac finds telltale clues of a werewolf killer.
The werewolf’s tracks lead back into the nearby town of Lamar, to a Catholic church & its reform school for girls.

Ilona Andrews: “A Questionable Client”

Kate Daniels’ job with the Mercenary Guild involves fighting and killing monsters in a world where magic waves come and go.

She is assigned as a bodyguard to a high-profile client, Saiman, a shapeshifter.

Saiman has stolen, and swallowed, an acorn from the Russians, one which will grow into the World Oak Tree, according to Russian mythology. The Russians send monsters to retrieve the acorn.