Fantasy & Murder Mystery: Sarah Gailey: “Magic for Liars – A Novel” (c) 2019.

Sarah Gailey: “Magic for Liars – A Novel” (c) 2019.

Well-crafted and compelling fantasy and murder mystery, a story of mages, and a family story of twin sisters Ivy and Tabitha Gamble.

Ivy is born without the gift of magic. She has never wanted that ability. She has been a PI for 14 years.

Her twin, Tabitha, is born with a gift for magic. She is a teacher of Theoretical Magic at the Osthorne Academy of Young Mages.

The two sisters have been estranged for about seventeen years, since the death of their mother.

Ivy Gamble is hired to investigate the murder of teacher Sylvia Capley at the Osthorne Academy.

The teachers and the high-school students are all mages, having magic gifts to one degree or another.

Ivy puzzles over the clues. How Sylvia Capley was killed involved magic. A mage was involved one way or another. Was the mage who murderer Sylvia still on the campus? or …

Was Sylvia trying out magic beyond her knowledge or abilities? Was it a spell that spun out of control, with horrific consequences?

As Ivy investigates Sylvia Capley’s death, she also struggles with her own inner quest to come to some kind of peace and reconciliation with her sister Tabitha.