Sci-Fi: Post-Apocalyptic thriller: Adrian J. Walker’s “The End of the World Running Club” (c) self-published in 2014; 2016, 2017.

Post-Apocalyptic thriller: Adrian J. Walker’s “The End of the World Running Club” (c) self-published in 2014; 2016, 2017.

Gripping and heart-wrenching: a story of the human spirit, of a transformative inner journey, the will to survive, a story of hope and love.

Earth is devastated by innumerable asteroid strikes.
In Edinburgh, Edgar Hill, his wife Beth, and their children, 3-year old Alice and baby Arthur are in a survivors’ camp at the nearby Castlelaw barracks, together with other civilian survivors, and a few soldiers.

Ed and some of the men are out foraging for food and whatever can help them to survive a rapidly deteriorating situation when rescue helicopters arrive at the Castlelaw barracks. Ed’s family is evacuated, together with most of the other survivors. Their destination is Falmouth, Cornwall, 450 miles away, where ships await, to take them to safer havens in the southern hemisphere.

Left behind at the barracks are six men and one woman: Three are soldiers – Laura Grimes, Yuill, and Henderson; and four civilians – Ed, Bryce, Richard, and Harvey.

Ed and the others leave Edinburgh, in a Jeep, to begin with. Ultimately there is no choice but to go on foot across a chaotic landscape – of fires, ash, rubbles, canyons, and craters. Along the way, they face perilous encounters with other survivors.

Ed comes to an unspoken decision: he starts to run. He still has over 300 miles to get to Cornwall and he must get there within three weeks. He wants nothing more now than to be reunited with his family.

The others with Ed come up with a plan to walk and run. And they will have to stop to rest, forage for food and water…
The soldier Laura Grimes, proves key to their survival more than once: courageous, quick, and able to think on her feet.

They meet an old man, Lord Rupert Bartonmouth, 80; somehow he and his mansion have survived. Barely. He asks how they’re planning to get to Cornwall.
When Ed tells him they are running to Falmouth, the old man coins a name for them: “The End of the World Running Club”.

A fascinating thought-provoking character-driven story.