Reading novels by Neal Stephenson, Paul McAuley, Neil Gaiman, Madeline Miller

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Neal Stephenson: “Quicksilver” (c) 2003
Sci Fi / Historical fiction. Three books: “Quicksilver”, “King of the Vagabonds” and “Odalisque”.


The story begins in 1713, in Massachusetts, and then through flashbacks, the story moves to England, France, and the United Provinces, from 1655-1673: A time of major changes in the development of science and mathematics, including the calculus feud between Leibniz and Newton.

Key fictional characters:

Daniel Waterhouse, natural philosopher; friend of Newton and Leibniz; prominent member of the Royal Society.
Enoch Root, an alchemist, member of the Royal Society. Enoch  first meets Waterhouse in Massachusetts. Knows prominent natural philosophers, mathematicians and scientists of the time.

Key historical characters: Newton and Leibniz.

More historical characters appear as the story unfolds, including the pirate “Blackbeard”!

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Paul McAuley “Austral” (c) 2017

Eco-fiction novel: the story of Austral Morales Ferrado, her life and the history of her family  in the colonization of Antarctica, as sea levels rise, and the ice retreats.


Neil Gaiman: “Norse Mythology” (c) 2017


Madeline Miller: “The Song of Achilles” (c) 2012


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